What is Open Data?

This Open Data Catalogue is a free and open data sharing portal where anyone can access and use data relating to the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. You can browse, search, preview, and download a variety of municipal geospatial and tabular data. Descriptions of each dataset will help with understanding of the content. You may use and republish the data as you wish, according to the very open licence agreement. View it, map it, style it, chart it, download it - how you use it is entirely up to you!

Using This Site

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find data relating to topics of interest. As you browse through the different datasets, the extent of each will be displayed on the map. Once you find what you are looking for, select the dataset from the list to be able to view the data and get options for download.
You can also view our complete list of datasets.

Accessing Data

There are several ways to access the data within. The data can be downloaded as shapefiles or KML for GIS applications, and as CSV for tables and spreadsheets. Advanced users may also integrate our data into other applications. Learn more about using this data portal.


Data from this site can be easily embedded in other applications using the GeoService or GeoJSON links. Explore the ESRI JavaScript API documentation to get started.

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